Alia Deanna bt. Faisal

Alia Deanna bt Faisal <3

This is Lalaa:D She's 12 and she's my twins (: We met in KYS because we got to go for the same interview and yeah! we do communicate well:D What I like about her is, she does not like to show off her goodness while she's being humble all the time. Lalaa, I hope you read this:D Eventough she lives miles away from my house, but still, we didn't lost communicate because we have FACEBOOK:D Why are we twins? Because the people in KYS said that, we have kind of same face (: wow! cool Lalaa:D She's cool and she's comfortable to be friend with. That's why I like her (: Our similarities are, she likes PINK and so do I, she's 12, and so do I! HAHA.. Lalaa, I'm very sorry because, I don't know what else to say about you, because, I don't actually know you well ): Shame on me ): Well, anyway, iLOVEyouLALAA:D