Peppermint Winter ♥

I Love Owl City so damn much :D Since Christmas just pass, Owl City had made a new song and  swear, it was so sweet   ♥


Hello Party People! Okay, The thing I want to tell you guys here is, I'm not so into blogging on blogger right now.Unlike last time:( I'm just addicted to TUMBLR actually:D And to those who followed me, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hope you guys had the exact day to have fun with your family:D BYE!

Yes, No??

Hay everyone:D I was thinking about wearing Hijab because, as you know, I need to cover all parts of my body even my head. So, I was thinking about to wear Hijab.. What do u guys think? Well, I do have some pictures of me in Hijab and without Hijab.. So, please leave a comment on this post okay? Thank you:D

Ms. Azuwan in Hijab

Thank You so much for the turorial:D

Thank you so much for the TUTORIAL, Kak Syamira :D And if boleh, I nak Silly Bandz tu:D please make a reserve for me ): Thank You.. And I ADORE your Blog:D

Lame-yy =.=

Whose that? Awhhh, that's me<3 iMiss the old me:D

Lisa bt. Ahmad Nazir

Lisa bt Ahmad Nazir<3

This is Lisa:D My crazy GO girl. She has lots and lots of admires. I got jealous of her sometimes. But, idc, because she's my bestbuddy hereafter:D awww, love you Lisa. Btw, she IS beautiful. And she speaks English WELL! I still can beat her fluentness.. I hate you LISA! Well, its the other way round HATE. Well, there's a guy named *tetttt* likes her. Well, he's kind of good looking guy, but, Lisa refuse to be his girlfriend. How dare you Lisa! Well, Lisa isn't a playgirl. That's why she doesn't accept people easily. Well done Lisa! Now, I respect you! Well, we liked the same guy before and we were like, AWWWWWWHHHHHH, when we see him. Well, I admit, I'm not as good as Lisa ): Lame ME! HAHA, idc. Well, I did LOVE her! Lisa, I hope you read this and please understand!
Lisa, sorry because I'm not telling much bout you because I don't know much bout you well. And hell yeah! you're my bestEVERfriend:)

Alia Deanna bt. Faisal

Alia Deanna bt Faisal <3

This is Lalaa:D She's 12 and she's my twins (: We met in KYS because we got to go for the same interview and yeah! we do communicate well:D What I like about her is, she does not like to show off her goodness while she's being humble all the time. Lalaa, I hope you read this:D Eventough she lives miles away from my house, but still, we didn't lost communicate because we have FACEBOOK:D Why are we twins? Because the people in KYS said that, we have kind of same face (: wow! cool Lalaa:D She's cool and she's comfortable to be friend with. That's why I like her (: Our similarities are, she likes PINK and so do I, she's 12, and so do I! HAHA.. Lalaa, I'm very sorry because, I don't know what else to say about you, because, I don't actually know you well ): Shame on me ): Well, anyway, iLOVEyouLALAA:D