Lisa bt. Ahmad Nazir

Lisa bt Ahmad Nazir<3

This is Lisa:D My crazy GO girl. She has lots and lots of admires. I got jealous of her sometimes. But, idc, because she's my bestbuddy hereafter:D awww, love you Lisa. Btw, she IS beautiful. And she speaks English WELL! I still can beat her fluentness.. I hate you LISA! Well, its the other way round HATE. Well, there's a guy named *tetttt* likes her. Well, he's kind of good looking guy, but, Lisa refuse to be his girlfriend. How dare you Lisa! Well, Lisa isn't a playgirl. That's why she doesn't accept people easily. Well done Lisa! Now, I respect you! Well, we liked the same guy before and we were like, AWWWWWWHHHHHH, when we see him. Well, I admit, I'm not as good as Lisa ): Lame ME! HAHA, idc. Well, I did LOVE her! Lisa, I hope you read this and please understand!
Lisa, sorry because I'm not telling much bout you because I don't know much bout you well. And hell yeah! you're my bestEVERfriend:)