Kolej Yayasan Saad, iLOVEyou!

Good Afternoon readers! Well, as you know, I went to an interview in Kolej Yayasan Saad. I went there to give all my talent to get selected to study there. And yeah! I've done my best and I'm waiting to be approved from the school. I hope they'll call me and say "Ain Shelyza, YOU'RE IN!" wow! that's the biggest word I'll ever hear. WISH ME LUCK! (: Hmph, talking bout the people there. Well, they are nice and they are all very brave! If I'm selected I'm proud to be one of them! Well, being 4 days there isn't enough for me to know each of my friends. At first, I was very nervous to step on the registration area and said to myself : "Can I do this? Can I do this?" at all time. And I was wondering if those 4 days were too long for me to stay there, but, the truth is, at last, it's hard for me to say goodbye to me dearest friends that I've known in 4 days. to the KYS-er, I MISSS YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH! And the interview experience, it was fun. At first I was like : "This is gonna be hard, I don't wanna go in there!" but at last, I did it! The teachers love me! Seriouly, I can't believe I can go through those challenge. And the best part is the PERFORMANCE NIGHT!! Hell yeah! I <3 this part! I remember when group 12 and group 11 combined together and we tried our best to make the performance go well, and it does! WE, the dancers, danced Hushhush<3 song the chorus part, while the singers sang them. I miss those voices! I MISS U GUYS! Well, that's part of my experince having an interview in KYS, well, I'm proud to be one of them<3 I'll tell you guys more bout it, okay? I gtg now, I'm seriously sleepy.. My eyes are red, NIGHT GUYS! thnx for reading<3