Brand New Season

heyy there! Well, as you know,I'm Ain Shelyza bt Mohamad Azuwan and I'm turning 13 on the next 15th March. I'm a Daddy's Girl and YES! almost everything I want, I get. And hell yeah! I love my life! I'm a sister to a cute little girl named Ain Sheryna bt Moahmad Azuwan and a lil sister to a brother named Mohamad Zharif Iqbal b Mohamad Azuwan. And yeah! I do have nice and happening siblings and I love them! I have a lovely Mama named Farahdiba bt Masbah and yeah, she is pretty. DO NOT SEDUCE HER! She's owned by a firm strong guy named Mohamad Azuwan b Harun. Daddy is a lil bit chubby but he still has the spirit to get a fit body.Go DADDY! HAHA.. Okay, lets start with how I grow. Mama carried me in her stomach here and there for 9 months. On 15th March 1998, I was borned at 10:02 a.m. Alhamdulillah, I was borned perfectly with two hands, two eyes, two ears, a nose with two holes, 5 fingers on my right hand and same goes to my left hand, 5 fingers on my right foot and same goes to my left foot and a mouth with lips. I was first covered by blood. I was borned in a family that has mixed blood. Mama has arabic-jawanese and Daddy has chinese-malay. After a few minutes later, Daddy recited Azan to my ear. That would be the first voice I heard. I weighs 3 kg and I was half a meter long. I was then given a name, Ain Shelyza. A few weeks later, my family and I went to Italy because Daddy had some works to do. How lucky I was that time. HAHA. I don't remember how long we stayed in Italy. Years past by until I was 4 years old. My cute little sis was born on 14th December 2002. Alhamdulillah, she was also borned perfectly. She was given a nice name, Ain Sheryna. A few weeks later, we went to United States of America. Woohooo! WOW! My siblings were all lucky! See, how lucky I was when I was a child. We stayed there for six months. I went to a kindergarten in a school named Sullivan School. I was 5 years old that time. And I was technically blurred. I can even speak English. How dumb I was that time. ==' Then, I met a girl named Maggie. I think she's a year older than me, think so=='. HAHA, wow! she's soooooo cute! Her family and my family were like Family Friends, until now. The best part is, when we arrived in United States(the 2nd day), it was SNOWING! I was like : "OMG! BEST NYA!" United States turned into blizzard weather. But still my family had fun eventough it's blizzard.  HAHA. Okay, years past by until I was 10. I was big enough to be fed with milk. Daddy's taking Master course in Philippines, and how lucky I was because Daddy brought us there on 25 November 2008. Well, Manila isn't as good as KL. But still they have Robinsons and lots of SM Supermarket(shoe market) Well, SM is kind of a mall like Jusco, but still, they're better than Jusco. Because why? Because they even have Ice Skating Rink in them! Of course I skated there.Then, they had a mall called MOA(Mall Of Asia). It was big! they also have Ice Skating Rink there. WOW! The mall was like, u can't go there for only 1 day, u need to go there for like 3 days! Okayokay, on 25th December, Mama, Abang, Eryn and me went back home. Awwww, never mind because, we're going back there on a day before 1st Ramadhan. The best part is, we break fast at 6:45 p.m. How early is was! But still, u can see porks here and there. Well, it's kind of hard to find Halal foods there, cause most of them are Christian. So, we often go to a restaurant called PERSIAN GRILLED. They sell Halal foods there. And u know what? They even sell Penang foods there in Pilippines! Even masak lemak cili api tooo. I'm proud to be one of the Malaysian tourist there. Okay, and I'm now 12 years old, my result is *tettttt* sorry, it's private. And guess what?! I'm turning 13! OMG! I can't believe it! Okay, that's part of my life story. Do leave some comments okay? Thank you. And I promise, by tomorrow, I'll post a new story okay? bye!